HG Bokashi Feeding Teas & Brews

To Brew a Batch of Aerated Worm Casting Mix ins Tea, you will Need an Aeration Pump With Air Stones Or DIY Vortex Brewer 

The Molasses or (Seaweed Sugar) and Aeration Wake up, Feed, and Increase the Population of the Beneficial Microorganisms living in the Castings Mix Ins & HG Bokashi, making this One Of The Best methods Of Application for your Plants.  brewed HG Bokashi tea recipe: 

- Put Roughly 2-3 Cups of Castings Mix Ins (With Or without a Micro Brew Bag Works Great),

Into a 5 Gallon Bucket. 

5 Table Spoons HG Bokashi Original Blend. ( VEG Mode Blend Or Bloom Mode Blend) 

- Add 5 Gallons of Pure Clean Water

- Add 5 Tablespoons of unsulfured Molasses or (2 tbl Molasses 3 tbl Seaweed Sugar) to Provide a Food source for the Beneficial Microorganisms living in the Castings Mix In & Bokashi. . NOTE: Adding Natural Sugars will Increase Beneficial Microorganisms 

- Stick the Bubbler (Airstone) End of an Aquatic Aerator down to the bottom of the bucket and turn it on. Let it Brew for about 15-48 Hours On Low - Medium Bubbles, Stirring Occasionally.

For Best Results, Use the Brewed Worm Castings Mix Ins Tea Immediately. 

Can Be Stored In The Fridge For 24 Hours After Brewed Then It Starts Degrading In Quality. 

Foliar Spraying The whole plant with Original Blend/Castings Mix Ins Tea  Including the Leaves Is Beneficial To The Plants Immune System. Many Growers believe that the Beneficial Microbes in HG Bokashi Worm Tea Help Protect The Plants from Diseases. A Sprayer or Spray bottle works Great. Be sure to Strain the worm tea Well Before Adding it to the Spray bottle.

Thank You! Good Luck On your Brew! 

Create Healthy Roots!