Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What Payment Methods do you Accept? 

A. PAYPAL, Venmo, Cashapp, Credit Card.

Q.  Do you ship to Canada ?


Q. How Long Will Shipping Take ?

A. We do our best to process orders same day. Depending on your location packages usually take 3 to 5 business days but could take longer due to the ongoing pandemic.
*We Are Currently Experiencing Delays in Shipping Time Due to Supply Chain Issues & Postal Service Handling Issues. Thank you For Your Patience. *

Q.  Will I receive a Tracking number for my Order?

 A.  Yes All Package Will be Sent Priority Shipping And come with Tracking! Check The Website To Track Your Package! 

Q.  Can I get a Discount on Bulk Orders?

A.  With some Products we are able to provide a Discount on Bulk Orders. Please use the contact us page to E-Mail us And Place a Custom Order!

Q. How Should I Store My Bokashi & Ferments?

A. Store Your Bokashi in a  Sealed Tub To Ensure Freshness as well as Keep It Sealed From Any Animals Wanting to Eat The Bokashi,  Keeping it Sealed also Prevents Outside Moisture Damage To Your Bokashi.  Best to Use Within 1-2 Years.
A. Store Your Ferments With a Fabric Lid in a Fridge For Maximum Freshness Over Time. Best to Use within 1-2 Years. 

Q. How Often Do You Have Sales?

A. Every 1-3 Months We Will Do A Holiday Sale. Special Codes Released Often On Our Instagram! Follow us @HomeGrown_Bokashi

Q. Can I Use HG Bokashi On Cannabis & Different Types Of Plants?

A. Yes! HG Bokashi Works On All Types Of Plants From Indoor House Plants, Outdoor Plants In VEG Mode or BLOOM Mode. Add To Feeding Water To Sprinkle Around Top Soil Area Then Water. 
A. HG Bokashi Works Great On Cannabis in Most Soil Bags Or Mixes or Coco/Castings Mixes.
Use HG Bokashi On Cactus, Succulents, Cannabis, Vines, Blooming Plants, Fruit & Veggie Plants, and More!

Q. What If I Get Gnats From Using Bokashi?

A. We Suggest Adding Cover Crop, Hay, Or Straw to The Topsoil To Keep The Topsoil More Secure.  Also Make Sure Sticky Traps are in The Root Zone & Foliage Area and Replaced Often When Needed. 
A. Also Apply Peppermint Pest Aid To Foliage & Topsoil Once Per Week to Help Prevent Gnat Growth and Keep System Safe From Unwanted Pests & Molds on Foliage and Root Zone. Foliar & Root Drench 

TIP. Apply Your Bokashi Very Thin To Ensure All White Activation & Healthy Activity. Too Thick of an Application Can Cause Irregular Microbe Growth. Remove any Brown, Black or Green Growth. 

Q. What if I See Little White Mites From The Bokashi?

A. Make Sure to Get A Micro Scope  To Study Your Mites. Fast White Mites Will Come to Life From The Bokashi Increasing Healthy Life & Organic Breakdown and Are Beneficial. Add Hay Or Straw To Topsoil To Keep Your Good Mites In Your Soil Area.