HomeGrown Microbe Bokashi is a Small American Family Owned & Operated Company. 

All Inputs Used in Creating The HG Bokashi Line are Grown & Made in America.  

 Gilbert, Arizona Head Quarters. 

South West Region Of The US              Sonoran Desert Climate. 

HomeGrown Microbe Bokashi  Works With Desert Manna Food Pantry in East Valley Arizona to Providing Donations To Families in Need.

HomeGrownMicrobe Bokashi is a Family Owned Company Since 2017.

We Make Probiotic Granular Microbe Oat Blends Designed To Activate Soil Or Soil-less Mixes For Every Phase Of The Plants Cycle. & Original Blend HG Bokashi Designed to Re Activate Used Soil In a Healthy Way! 

HG Bokashi Original Blend is Also Designed For Cool Composting Programs Indoor & Outdoor.

HG Bokashi Original Blend Can Be Used As A Base in Your Own Custom Nutrient Mix - Adding Your Working Microbes to Your Mix- Works Very Well With Many Different Dry Nutrient Companies. Original Blend Will Help Keep Your Custom Mix Cool & PH Balanced.

HG Bokashi Original Blend/ Azokashi Activates in Your New or Re Cycled Mix in 24-48 Hours - Cool Activation 

We Recommend Making a Basic HGB Transplant Mix - 25% Your Favorite Bag of Soil - 15% Worm Castings - 25% Large Chunk Pumice/Perlite - 15% Peat Moss/Coco - 5% Humic (Ancient Forest)  5% Original HG Bokashi Blend - (Cannabis Plants Mix) Easy To Recycle & Store For Later Use. - Great For VEG & Bloom Growth

Making your Own Mix Ensures Quality Aeration For Organic Cannabis Plants. 

Specialized Living Soil Can Be Created With Custom Coco or Peat Moss/Soil, Large Pumice/Perlite Combos  or Other Custom Mixes- Adding Fresh Worm Castings, HG Bokashi Blends, Nematodes & Other Microbes to Your Transplant Medium. While Maintaining a Worm Compost Bin in a Different Area - Harvesting The Fresh Castings To Be Used on Your Plant Pots -  

We Do Not Recommend Putting Raw Meat Or Poultry Bones in your Bokashi Compost Bin Other Then Fish Parts. Raw Meats & Bones Can Cause More Pathogens in Your Compost Juices - NOT SAFE- . Only Fish By-Products.  

Safe On Worm Vermi-Compost Programs. Worms Love Bokashi!

White Fuzz HG Bokashi Worker Microbes Grow On the Oats & Grains in your Soil/Mix - Breaking Down The Organics - Communicating & Feeding it To Your Plants Micro Roots. The White HG Bokashi Growth Also Retains Water - Saving Water Over Time - Less Runoff - Helping The Soil Condition, Microbes & The Environment. 

The Plants Micro Roots Connect With The White Funny HG Bokashi Oats Microbes to Create a Connection Helping Each Other Share & Store Water as well as Nutrients - Sharing Them With one Another. The Bokashi Microbes also Break Down The Organics in the Soil Making The Nutrients Easier to Consume in a Micro Level.

Small Family Owned Natural Farming Company - Small Family Farms in Arizona & Minnesota Since 1949. 

HomeGrown Microbe Bokashi Was Created in 2017.

We Aimed to Create a Bokashi Oats Composting Program Different Then Any Other.

We Care About Our Community Programs and Strive to Help Educate The Next Generation in Growing Their Own Plants, & Veggies While Keeping The Soil Immune System Healthy & Thriving. 

Our Mission to The Help Growers Recycle Their Medium in a Healthy & Effective Way Each Year. When a Grower Uses Our HG Bokashi Blends in Their Soil Through The Year, The Soil Gets Better & Better Each Year They Recycle. Creating Less and Less Effort Being Needed Each Year - While Saying PH Balanced. Adding New Casting Mix Ins & New Bokashi Blends Each Year Creates a Fantastic PH Balanced System. The Bokashi Will Aid In Keeping The System PH Balanced As Well As the Fresh Worm Castings! 

The Bokashi Blends Should Be applied Very Thin - Like A Dusting - To Keep White Growth Healthy.

Hay Or Stray Or Cover Crop Should Be added To The Top Soil To Protect Your Microbe Growth - This Will Help It Stay Healthy, Thriving And White! 

The HG Bokashi Microbes Will Also Help To Keep The Medium Immune System Healthy - Fighting The Bad Growths That Can Happen In Root Zones. How? The White Growth is The Healthy Growth you Find in Plants, Humans & Animals. This White Growth Is What Keeps Natural Forest Healthy As Well. This is Natural Healing White Growth, That in Nature Aids In Keeping Things Strong & Thriving Free From The Bad Fungi Growth. Without This White Growth Living Things Become Weak, Slow  & Diseased - With This White Growth They Become Strong and Thriving Naturally With Strong Fighting Systems. 

  We Also Strive to Create All Natural Inputs That Work Best In The Soil With The HG Bokashi Collections. 

We Find The HG Bokashi Blends Increase The Growth of The White Worker Mites Found In Healthy Soil As Well, Don't Be Alarmed if You See White Mites in Your Soil They Are Good Guys! Make Sure to Get a Basic Microscope to Be Able To Look At Your Soil Mites Up Close and Identify What Shape They are. Then Google Good Soil Mites Vs Bad Soil Mites then Compare Your Mites with The Pics and You Will Know What Kind Of Mites Your Have. Also Remember Good Mites are White, Fast and Have Long Shredder Type Mouths. Bad Mites are Slow, Fat Body and No Shredder Front Type Body.

Your Cover on Top Of Your Soil Will Help Keep your Beneficial Microbes in your Pots