5lbs Seabird Guano & Kelp Bokashi Blend (Bloom Mode)


5lbs Seabird Guano & Kelp Bokashi Blend (Bloom Mode)


NPK= 2-11-2

We Take The Original Blend That Is Made From Organic Grain Millers Rolled Oats, Molasses, Hemp Seed, Flax Seed, Fermented Plant Juice. Down To Earth™ Seabird 0-11-0 Guano Can Be Applied Throughout The Flowering Period For All Indoor And Outdoor Plants. Improve Yields, Quality And Flavor While Also Enhancing The Beneficial Bacteria Activity In Your Garden Soil. As One Of The Three Big Nutrients For Plants, Phosphorous Plays A Role In Both Root And Bloom Development, Which Helps Produce High-Quality Fruit And Flowers. Phosphorus Helps Plants Take To New Soil By Boosting Root Development. Strong Root Development Means Plants Will Grow Faster And Be Healthier Because They Can Absorb More Water And Nutrients From The Soil. You Will Have Larger Flowers Will Produce Bigger Blossoms. Kelp Meal From Down To Earth Fertilizers. A Rich Source Of Potash, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, And Natural Plant Hormones, Kelp Meal Should Be Used In Seedling Mixes And Potting Soils To Stimulate Root Development.


Best In Transition Mode. Bloom Booster.
Boost Micro Life – PK Booster – Enhance Bloom Productivity –