5lbs Microbe VEG Booster Blend Eco Bag

5lbs Microbe VEG Booster Blend Eco Bag


NPK- 5-5-2

We Take The Original Blend That Is Made From Organic Grain Millers Rolled Oats, Molasses, Hemp Seed, Flax Seed, Fermented Plant Juice, EM1 - Air Dried to Protect The Microbes. Is Blended With Beautiful Down To Earth Crab Meal Which Is A Superb Source Of Organic Nutrients, Including Nitrogen, Phosphorous And Calcium! A Result Of The Pacific Northwest Crab Harvest, Down To Earth Crab Meal, Is Derived From Dungeness Crab Meal That Is Air-Dried At Low Heat And Crushed For Uniform Application. The High Level Of Chitin In Crab Meal Increases Plants' Cell Wall Strength And Encourages Populations Of Beneficial Soil Microorganisms To Release Enzymes That Help Control Pest Nematode Populations. 

A Powerful Blend Of Balanced Plant Foods Combined With Pacific Northwest Fish, Crab Meal, Shrimp Meal, & Alfalfa Meal. Bio-Live Is Biologically Active And Will Help Encourage Large Populations Of Soil Microbes Which Facilitate Nutritional Uptake By Plants. This Blend Is Full Of Micro Organisms. We Combine That With Down To Earth Oyster Shell Meal, Which Is An All-Natural And High-Quality Source Of The Essential Plant Nutrient Calcium. Ancient Oyster Shells Are Carefully Harvested And Then Ground Into Small, Medium And Coarse Particles. These Irregular Shapes Provide A Sustained Release Of This Valuable Nutrient. Oyster Shell Also Aids In Improving Structure Of Soils And Building Optimum Tilth

we Blend Different Beautiful Dry Nutrients With Our Original Blend Bokashi Microbes.
The Blend Can Be Used Threw The Whole Plant Cycle. Best In LARGE VEG Mode. Boost Micro Life Productivity – Plant Productivity
Best Used On Medium – Large Plants – Established Root System