5lbs Azokashi Blend (Baby Plants) Eco Bag

5lbs Azokashi Blend (Baby Plants) Eco Bag

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AzoKashi - 2.2.1

Great For Baby -Smal Plants 

Azomite x Original Blend HG Bokashi 

(Seedling – VEG Sprouts – Rooted Plants Weeks 1 – 4)

Grain Millers Organic Rolls Oats, Wheat Bran, Flax Seed, Effective EM-1 Probiotic Strain (Lactobacillus Casei), Azomite, Home Made Fermented Fish Amino Acids. This Blends Is Perfect For Baby Plants. Azomite Trace Mineral Fertilizer Is A Complex Of Naturally Occurring Minerals, Which Contains Essential Elements (Micro-Nutrients) For Plant Growth. Fertilization With Azomite Adds Some Of The Required Mineral Balance For The Growth Of Common Soil Health & Overall Productivity. Continuous Plant Propagation And The Leaching Effects Of Water May Deplete Essential Minerals And Micronutrients From Soils. Azomite Can Improve Soils That Have Been Depleted Of These Important Minerals And Micronutrients. Recycle Soil After Each Flower Cycle By Working Azokashi Into The Soil. Use As Top Dressing On Young Plants For Positive Results As Well. 

2-Teaspoon Per Gal Of Soil In Topdressing Or 2 Teaspoon Per Gal Of Feeding Water.

Uses – Add Trace Nutrients To Young Plants – Re Cycle Soil 

Re Amend Medium.