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5lb Microbe VEG Tea Set w/ 20oz SW Sugar

5lb Microbe VEG Tea Set w/ 20oz SW Sugar


5lb Big Boi Microbe VEG Tea Brew Kit

Set Includes:

1 Micro Brew Washable Bag 

20oz 50/50 Seaweed Sugar

5lb Microbe VEG Booster HG Bokashi 

5lb VEG Castings Mix Ins 

Place 1 Cup Bokashi - 1 Cup Castings Mix Ins into the Micro Brew Bag, tie the bag closed. Consider this your oversized “tea” bag.
Fill the bucket with 5 GAL CLEAN FILTERED Water, leaving an inch or two of space at the top.
Add 5 Tablespoons Seaweed Sugar  to the bucket, stirring well.
Put the bucket near an  electrical outlet. Place the Air Stone in the bucket, and plug in the pump. This will aerate the compost tea, providing the oxygen the microorganisms need to reproduce.
“Brew” the tea by letting the pump run for 8 to 12 hours - Make Sure Pump Air Flow in On        Med-Low

. Don’t over-brew or allow the tea to stand unaerated, as it can become toxic without an oxygen supply.

When the tea is done brewing, unplug the pump, remove the tubing, and take out the bag of compost. (You can add the solid compost matter from the bag to a garden bed.)

DILUTE 50;50 With Pure Water ; Or Pour Tea Right Onto Plants Soil
Pour the tea into a watering can or pump sprayer and apply both around the base of your plants and directly to the leaves For Foliar.

Tea Concentrate Can Be Stored In Fridge For 2-3 Days