5lb Microbe VEG Booster

5lb Microbe VEG Booster


5lb Eco Bag Microbe VEG Booster Oat Blend 

Great For LARGE VEG Plant Growth 

Dose; 1Tablespoon Per Gallon Of Soil - Top Dress Live Plants

Storing Product; Store This Product In A Dark Cool Place - SEALED WELL

Keep In Sealed Area After Open - Racoons & Squirrels  Love Bokashi, Must Keep Away.

 After Open - Dark Cool Place 

Stays Good For 2-3 Years.  

Apply To Feeding Water Once Per Week To Add Microbes - 1 Tablespoon Per Gallon Of Water  

• Probiotic Oats with Homemade Fermented Baby Spinach Juice Added Terraganix EM1
• Stimulates & Builds Plant Resistance
(SAR) Response

• Increases plants' resistance - drought & diseases
• Reduces production stress
• Stimulates Plants Resistance to diseases

Ingredients; Organic Oats - Molasses - Fermented Baby Spinach Juice - DTE Bio Fish - DTE Bat Guano -Terraganix EM1 -  DTE Azomite -