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40oz 50/50 PURE Seaweed Sugar

40oz 50/50 PURE Seaweed Sugar


40oz 50/50 Seaweed Sugar NPK- 2.2.2

Great For VEG & Bloom Growth 

Dose; 1Tablespoon Per Gallon During VEG - 2Tablespoons Per Gallon During BLOOM

Storing Product; Store This Product In A Dark Cool Place -

 After Open - Dark Cool Place 

Best To Use With 12 Months of Receiving.  

Apply To Feeding Water Once Per Week 

 Seaweed is a tonic for plants at all stages, stimulating root growth, aiding chlorophyll production, invigorating cuttings and bare root starts. It delivers small amounts of nitrogen, potash and phosphorus and contains a wide spectrum of trace minerals in a form that plants can use. It contains other nutrients, including plant hormones and amino acids.

• Stimulates a vigorous root system

• Enhances color & Quality of
Fruits/BLOOM and VEG/Vegetables - Enhances Oil/Resin Production
• Promotes dark green foliage
with no top growth
• Reduces transplant shock
• Faster seed germination
• Stimulates Plant Resistance
(SAR) Response

Seaweed Extract plus single element micronutrients

i.e. Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, B, Mo.
Seaweed Extract with various multi mix micronutrients
Seaweed Extract with Fulvic or Amino Acid.

• Foliar Feeding - field, vegetables & fruit crops
• Enhances seed germination - seed innoculants
• Improves vigor and color- enhances chlorophyll
• Increases plants' resistance - drought & diseases
• Reduces production stress
• Stimulates Plants Resistance to diseases