2lb Seed Sprout Tea Blend Set

2lb Seed Sprout Tea Blend Set

SKU: 1lb-seed sprout tea hg bokashi blend

Seed Sprout Blends: We Take The Organic Grain Millers Rolled Oats & Organic Sprouted Grains. We Infuse The EM1 & Molasses Water With Ground Up Lentil Seed Sprouts. Then We Add That Sprout Infused Microbe Water To The Oats To Ferment Together & Dry. We Grind The Up Together To Create Our Seed Sprout Blends. The Seed Sprout Bokashi Blends are Made With Sprouted Wheat, Sprouted Barley, Sprouted Lentils, & Organic Radish Sprouts.

These Blends Can Be Used As A Root Booster & Enzyme Booster.
Great For Adding To Used Soil To Re Boost Life Into Medium.
Top Dress – Amendment – Feeding tea 

Great For Re Activating Medium or Adding Microbes to Baby Plants!

Our Microbe Bokashi Blends Are A Specialized Mix Of EM-1 (Effective Microbes), Pure Water, Molasses, Hemp Seed, Flax Seed, Fermented Plant Juice, Organic Grain Millers Rolled Oats, & Barley Flakes. We Also Offer Organic NPK HG Bokashi Blends That Focus On Boosting Growth For Specific Times Of The Plant Cycle. Also, Add Certain Bokashi Blends To Your Medium To Be Recycled And Reused. Each Of These Ingredients Plays A Critical Role In Building A Healthy Environment For The Bokashi Microbes & Soil To Thrive. Equaling Happy Plants!


EM1 Effective Microbes:  Will Thrive And Multiply in The Soil Or Coco. The Strain Of Probiotic Microbes We Use Are (Lactobacillus Casei). By The End Of The Production Process There Are Billions And Billions Of Happy Microbes In Your Soil, Ready To Help Break Down The Organic Matter In The Soil Making More Nutrients Available To Your Plant!

Water: The Bokashi Microbes (Like You And I) Need Water To Thrive And Multiply. By Adding Our Blends to your Compost Tea Or Top Soil, Any Moisture Will Activate The Microbes.


Molasses: This Is Essentially Food For The Bokashi Microbes.

Grain Millers Organic Oats: Finally, The Beautiful Oats. The Oats Are Simply A Medium Or Substrate For The Bokashi Microbes To Live On. A Home For The Bacteria! The Organic Oats & Molasses Are Fantastic Food For The Microbes To Populate in Your Soil.