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1Gal Plant REHAB Enzymes

1Gal Plant REHAB Enzymes



Great For Plants in Need Of Extra Care

Add 1/4 Cup Per Gallon Of Water Once Per Week 


Natural Root Enzyme Booster  - Heal Unhealthy Plants 

Great For All Size Plants 

Increase Plant & Soil Immune System & Natural Energy 

Contains The juice of the Aloe Vera leaves Which has potentially 75 active constituents such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, micronutrients, phytohormones, salicylic acid etc… One of the most interesting active principles is acemannan, which is responsible for the effectiveness of the Gooy Filet found in the inner layer of the plant’s leaves.

PLANT REHAB possesses components that stimulate the immune system and act as an antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. So it is a great concentration of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, substances that are needed for daily metabolism and the maintenance of vital functions of living species.

Actually, it is one of the plants which contains the highest concentration in enzyme, amino acids and vitamins, which will stimulate your plant’s health, protect against pathogens and pests and boosts the immune system. You can use the Aloe Vera plant for your plants as followed:

Acceleration germination of seedlings
Protect and stimulate the immune system, increasing resistance against bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi (molds)
Stimulate the plant’s growth and vitality by accelerating cell division and increasing phytoalexin production
Improve the roots’ assimilation of water and nutrients, as well as improving their circulation in the plant
Improve resistance to environmental stress like heat
Help to your plant to resist yeast, viruses, mold, and bacteria
Assists in the assimilation of sugars, and the rinsing of the substrate before the harvest
You can even use the Fresh Aloe Concentrate for cloning your plants. Add Fresh Aloe To Your Clone Water.

can be used as leaf spray or liquid nutrient. 1⁄4 cup per gallon of water. For a better absorption of vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. Both Methods Work Great.